The Classics Are Evergreen

I was recently booked to entertain at a conference in downtown Atlanta. My appearances took place over the course of two days. The first event was a four-hour hospitality event for about a hundred people, mostly Canadian, who worked at various companies that partnered with my client organization in some way. The next day I was brought back to entertain at a hospitality lunch for the executives of partner organizations all over the world.

As the four-hour evening event on the first night was winding down, Melissa and I were conversing at a small table. I had performed for her and her colleagues earlier in the evening. 

“One more before we go?” she asked.

I took out the cards and did a quick routine of close-up card magic that is nearly 70 years old. Magicians are very familiar with the basic plot, but it is still a glorious piece of magic.

Her reaction tells the story. 

The classics are evergreen.

They’re effective not just because they’re old, but because principles of creating human amazement are knowable and reliable and useful.

(And not just for magicians.)



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  1. Well said! I’ve seen the same from you before — I’m sure you did some “classic” tricks on us, but being outside the industry made them seemed brand new to me!

    I see the same in other industries, where what’s old and routine for the owner is often amazing and new to the typical customer.

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