TurnerMagic Virtual Programming

Joe M. Turner is a Certified Virtual Presenter.

Virtual Programming Options

  1. Interactive “bite size” segments between other agenda items
  2. Full-length (30, 45, 60 minutes) entertainment events for team-building or social/happy-hour
  3. Customized screen-based magic that can be developed as shareable content for your own social or video channels, both internally and externally. Use these to spark interest prior to your meeting or to provide shareable content to reinforce your messages afterward (see example below)
  4. Full-length virtual seminars (Memory Mojo!)

Customized Virtual Magic:
Shareable, Brandable, and Interactive Online Magic Experiences

Here’s an example of a fully virtual magic trick that could be adapted for multiple purposes or brands. In this video the viewer interacts solely with the screen, making independent decisions, and has an amazing experience.

There are a number of other approaches and types of experiences, but consider how something like this can work in conjunction with other messaging to help generate anticipation or prolong the experience that people have with your content!