Art, Commerce, and Mistaken Premises

In his thought provoking and inspiring page-a-day book Secret Agenda (Hermetic Press, 2010) the great magical artist-teacher Roberto Giobbi addresses the subject of “Commerce Versus Art” with an entry for April 16 that begins with these words: Commerce is about taking. You take more money, more market shares, more work, more customers, more frequent turnover, […]

As I Was Saying…

After Steve Allen’s departure as the first host of NBC’s The Tonight Show in early 1957, the network mistakenly tinkered around with their winning formula. Six months later they realized their error, rebooted the show, and named Jack Paar the host. Probably the most memorable thing about Paar’s tenure was the censorship kerfluffle of 1960. […]

The Magical Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

For the last five and a half years I’ve been a producer of Atlanta Magic Night, a monthly magic, mentalism, and comedy show with a rotating cast of local and national performers. I get to perform and MC the show sometimes, but I am also one of the “on call” people if a booked performer […]

Daddy, a Star, and the Ceiling!

You might think a performer’s most treasured Christmas memories would revolve around aspects of the season related to his art. As a magician, writing about “the magic of Christmas” would not only be consistent with my brand, but also probably good fodder for a moderately shareable video. As a musician, I could spend pages writing […]

A Leadership Lesson from a Lousy Alarm

In the past month I’ve spoken or performed in California three times. First in San Francisco, then in Sacramento, then in Los Angeles earlier this week. I had a performance in downtown LA on Monday night, but I had to be back in Atlanta early Tuesday afternoon in order to host/MC a big corporate event […]

The Lasting Power of Your Personal Brand

The Lasting Power of Your Personal Brand I have written and shared many articles about the importance of your personal brand. That brand is made up of not only the work you deliver, but also the way you dress, speak, and interact with others. The power of a strong personal brand is not only that […]

Saturn, a Garage-Sale Telescope, and Your Brand

Saturn, a Garage-Sale Telescope, and Your Brand   Earlier this month I was in a discussion about branding and customer experience with a group of my peers. I thought of this story from my 2012 book. I shared it and was told afterward that it made a real impact on several people in the room […]

Dale Jr., Me, and the Power of Flexibility

Dale Jr., Me, and the Power of Flexibility Back in May, I received a Facebook message from an acquaintance I’ve known for a little over ten years. He works in the advertising and marketing industry, and he contacted me to see if I’d be interested in doing some sleight-of-hand on camera for a television commercial. […]

Atlanta Magic Night Celebrates 4 Years of Wonder

Atlanta Magic Night Celebrates 4 Years of Wonder   City’s Longest-Running Magic/Mentalism Show Continues to Amaze ATLANTA – April 17, 2018 — Atlanta’s longest-running magic and mentalism show, Atlanta Magic Night, celebrates its four-year anniversary on May 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM at the Red Light Café in midtown. The show was launched in May […]

What I Learned from 3 Islands and the Tango

What I Learned from 3 Islands and the Tango In late February I traveled to Auckland where I fulfilled a speaking engagement before embarking on a cruise through the south Pacific. Now that I’m back, here are a few lessons I learned. New Zealand: There’s no substitute for the personal touch. While in New Zealand, […]