Speed and Swagger: Ten-Minute Trainer Guest Spot

Several weeks ago, I recorded a guest appearance on “The Speed and Swagger Ten-Minute Trainer,” a weekly podcast produced by Speed Marriott and Derron Steenbergen (aka Swagger). Their focus is primarily on issues relating to media sales, but with general applicability for sales and marketing. (I met Speed when we both spoke at the Mississippi Association […]

Interview in CanvasRebel

CanvasRebel is a web-based magazine that does spotlight articles on a variety of creatives and business professionals. They approached me for an interview several weeks ago and this is the result. CanvasRebel: Meet Joe M. Turner       Note: I appeared in a partner publication interview a couple of years ago. That interview can […]

Don’t Forget the Rest of You.

Don’t Forget the Rest of You. I want to share a thought that has been percolating in my mind, heart, and soul for a long time. I believe it’s important, and I offer it to you as a gift at the end of a year that has been full of incredible challenges and opportunities for […]

Efficiently Changing Display Configurations with a Stream Deck

I love using the Stream Deck and OBS to manage my live broadcasts for virtual presentations and performances. I use Windows 10 and two monitors in a specific way, and I have been using the Win+P shortcut to get to the pop-up menu to choose my configuration. I have played with multi-step hotkeys to open […]

Upcoming Performance: Atlanta Magic Night with Eric Anderson

Just a quick note to share some good news. The show that Mark Johnson and I have co-produced since May 2014, Atlanta Magic Night, is proud to announce that Eric Anderson will be joining us for the August performance! I’ve been a fan of Eric’s work since I moved to Atlanta in the early 1990s. […]

An Amazing Audio Illusion

Yesterday I encountered an interesting illusion online. While I’m accustomed to finding a variety of optical illusions, this one was an audio illusion. These illusions are much rarer. I saw this shared by various people on Instagram and Reddit. Here’s the illusion; I’ll provide the source below after you have a chance to listen. https://turnermagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/AudioIllusion1.mp4 […]

The Pursuit of Clarity on Clubhouse

Android users were welcomed to the Clubhouse audio chat app yesterday. This evening I joined a London-based room discussing the question of “Choosing Your Thoughts.” It was a discussion that drew a lot of people. Some had credible answers. Some were seeking a sort of crowd-therapy. Some were very long-winded. It was informative to me […]

Art, Commerce, and Mistaken Premises

In his thought provoking and inspiring page-a-day book Secret Agenda (Hermetic Press, 2010) the great magical artist-teacher Roberto Giobbi addresses the subject of “Commerce Versus Art” with an entry for April 16 that begins with these words: Commerce is about taking. You take more money, more market shares, more work, more customers, more frequent turnover, […]