19 May
Your props or tools are a means to an end. They should communicate your professionalism, but they are not supposed to be the main attraction.
15 May
Execute the process so that the audience doesn't suspect, let alone detect, the required actions.
13 May
Besides secrecy, the real truth is that your audience doesn't care what you have to go through as long as they get the experience they want.
9 May
"Never let them see you sweat." It's not about swagger - it's about delivering value in a way that feels magical.
7 May
Just having the secret doesn't mean you can do the magic, but you can't create the experience of magic without a secret.
27 Aug
Mystery – Relating to the apparent contradiction of a natural law. Most traditional magic falls here – people are cut in half and put back together, or birds appear from nowhere. Even a signed card vanishing and reappearing in a wallet fits here. This is an enormous category but the characteristic of all the effects is that the laws of nature are being visibly contradicted.