Art, Commerce, and Mistaken Premises

In his thought provoking and inspiring page-a-day book Secret Agenda (Hermetic Press, 2010) the great magical artist-teacher Roberto Giobbi addresses the subject of “Commerce Versus Art” with an entry for April 16 that begins with these words: Commerce is about taking. You take more money, more market shares, more work, more customers, more frequent turnover, […]

7 Things About Magic That You Should Have Learned In Business School – #2

#2 – Mystery is valuable. It’s one of the primary rules of magic: don’t reveal the secret of the illusion. If you tell the audience your secrets, then the wonderful moment you created for them only seconds ago will lose a lot of its impact. Mystery, in the context of magic, is not about lying […]

Branding, Acting, and the Given Circumstances

Branding, Acting, and the Given Circumstances Sometimes we talk about the art of acting as if it were somehow dishonorable, and about nothing but lying and ego. But the reality is that great acting is about the truth, and understanding that can affect the way you make decisions about your brand and your real life […]

Pride Goes Before the Fall – So Stay Proud!

Pride Goes Before the Fall – So Stay Proud! I’m sure you’ve heard the idiom “Pride goes before the fall” sometime in your life. You may recognize it as coming from the Bible – Proverbs 16:18, to be exact. In the original context, it is a traditional two-part warning: “Pride goes before destruction, and a […]

Miley, Justin, and Personal Branding

Miley, Justin, and Personal Branding I didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. I spent the evening listening to old ragtime music on YouTube. But like a man sheltered safely underground while the tornado passes over, eventually one has to come out and walk through the wreckage. So this morning, like many Americans, […]

Atlanta Magician on USA TODAY “Best in Cruise Entertainment” Team

Atlanta Magician and Speaker Joe M. Turner on Performance Team Named by USA TODAY as “Best in Cruise Entertainment” Remember that cruise I performed on in June as a member of the “Magic Castle at Sea” program on Crystal Cruises? If you’ve followed my Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages, you saw some photos from my […]

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 1: Talent

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 1: Talent Last time, we discussed the “Five Kinds of Amazing” model for increasing brand engagement. This week, we examine the first category in more detail. Further, we will begin to tie those experiences to business competencies. Within the genre of theatrical magic, there exists a branch of performance related […]

Five Kinds of Amazing – The Framework

Five Kinds of Amazing – The Framework “Five Kinds of Amazing” is a useful model for understanding, evaluating, and increasing audience engagement, typically as it relates to retail or corporate brands and their associated audiences. It has relevance not just for marketing professionals and brand managers, but also for event producers, team or organization leaders, […]

Recent Press Hits in Alabama and Georgia

Just a quick update this time. I had two recent press hits, one relating to an entertainment opportunity in Alabama, and one regarding a speaking engagement on small business branding in metro-Atlanta. Cherokee County Herald 5-15-2013 (PDF file) The entertainment event was for the Cherokee County (AL) Chamber of Commerce. Even in the entertainment setting, […]

Keeping It SIMPLE: Magical Presentation Tips

Keeping presentations simple will enhance the impact you have on your audience.

Keeping It SIMPLE: Magical Presentation Tips I’ve been performing magic for a long time. I’ve made my fulltime living with magic and speaking presentations for nearly 13 years, and I’ve been performing for fun for most of my life. Besides performing and speaking in Atlanta, this amazing art has taken me across America and all […]