TurnerMagic.com Gets a New Look!

The long-awaited redesign of this site has finally happened! Welcome to our new home!   Spiffy, right?  There are a lot of new features to explore, and of course you can expect tweaks and edits as we go.  But the overall look and feel has received a much-needed update, and I couldn’t be happier.

Time for some gratitude:

-Kristina McInerny of www.NotesFromKris.com I’ve known Kris for years and am supremely happy with the work she and her team have done for me.  I’ve designed and coded my own web sites in raw HTML for years.  While they were successful and effective in their time, eventually there comes a point where you must choose to go to the next level.  Kris made it happen with practically no pain.  Thanks, Kris!

-Maria Necessary of www.NecessaryDesign.com Maria is my graphic designer, creative sounding board, and friend.  She is constantly working on about 3 simultaneous projects for me.  Thank you Maria, for being the calm in my chaos!

-My friend Randall Zimmerle isn’t here to celebrate this launch with us.  He was the design and web guru that helped me transform my graphic identity a few years ago. Randall developed my new logos, helped me create a professional new look for my business, and was working on a redesign of my web site when he passed away at the end of 2011.  Nevertheless, his ideas and work continue to influence my branding, and he surely deserves a nod here.  Thank you sir!

If you are in need of graphic design or web work for your business, you can’t go wrong with Maria and Kris.  Give them a look.

Stay tuned, this year is just getting started!



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