Radio Interview on Atlanta BusinessRadioX: Building a Speaking Career

Joe M. Turner on BusinessRadioX
Joe on BusinessRadioX
Joe being interviewed on BusinessRadioX School for Startups.

On the BusinessRadioX network, host Jim Beach interviewed me on his “School for Startups” program.  The topic, “How to Build a Speaking Career,” was suggested by Jim after we met at a Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce event, and that premise formed the backbone of the hour-long talk.

In this radio interview, I took a basic four-step approach to addressing the topic.

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Create a credible solution
  3. Present to an audience that want to hear
  4. In a way they like

Along the way, though, Jim was very interested in the components of my “5 Kinds of Amazing” keynote, so you’ll hear about how I line up magic experiences and business competencies to teach businesses how to use lessons from the magical theatre to increase their audience’s brand engagement.

5 Kinds of Amazing

  1. Talent – Expertise (highly developed skill, deep knowledge)
  2. Science – Process (natural laws with a surprise)
  3. Magic – Empowerment (breaking the laws/process)
  4. Telepathy – Communication (how close can you get to mindreading)
  5. Predictions – Trendspotting (anticipating/creating the future)

UPDATE: Alas, many years have passed and the audio is no longer available online.

We shot a bonus video, too – you can watch it below or go straight to the YouTube page.

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