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Technical Requirements

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Short Introduction
Our special guest today is an escaped management consultant turned professional speaker and corporate entertainer. His unusual combination of business and show business skills has taken him from the Hollywood Magic Castle to the London Palladium, with thousands of meetings, conferences, and events in between. He has been seen on Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN Headline News, and dozens of other local, national, and international telecasts.


Please welcome the “Chief Impossibility Officer,” Joe M. Turner.

Longer Introduction

If a longer introduction is necessary, you can assemble one of the desired length from the following points:

  • • Joe M. Turner is an "escaped management consultant" turned author, speaker, and corporate entertainer. His amazing magic has taken him from the Hollywood Magic Castle to the London Palladium, with hundreds of corporate meetings and events in between.
  • • A Mississippi native and a summa cum laude graduate of Mississippi State University, Joe has made his home in Atlanta for twenty years.
  • • Even during his career in change management at a global consulting firm, Joe never abandoned his deep skills in the performing arts including music, theatre, and the illusion arts, especially sleight-of-hand magic and mentalism. He ultimately combined his performing talents with his business experience to create a new business and an exciting new career.
  • • Now Joe speaks and entertains at conferences and other events across America as well as internationally. Using magic and illusion as a tool to engage, entertain, and communicate, Joe presents keynotes and after-dinner programs all over the world as "The Chief Impossibility Officer."
  • • His book "High JOEltage - 101 JOElts for Becoming Amazingly Effective" is now available on Amazon and Kindle.
  • • Joe and his wife Rosemary are the proud parents of Hayley and Preston. You can connect with Joe online at, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow Joe on Twitter at @turnermagic
Business Emphasis Introduction

As a management consultant, our next presenter connected his clients’ workforces to new visions and changing environments, and equipped them to be successful.

As a professional entertainer, he has astonished audiences on four continents at conventions, in theatres, aboard cruise ships, and on television.

Today, he helps leaders understand that amazing experiences are as important in the workplace and the marketplace as they are on the stage and the screen.

What makes an experience amazing, and how can that understanding help our members, employees, and organizations be more successful?

Please welcome Joe M. Turner.