The Research Stall

The Research Stall Let’s face it. Even the least change-averse person among us still has a resistance to change. Even the change champion feels hesitation. Sometimes we find ways to disguise our resistance and delay action even when we want to move forward. Consider the following. An Ongoing Magic Debate Last week I answered an […]

Change Management and New Shoes

Organizational change initiatives are complex in part because they can succeed or fail based on variables such as human psychology, business agility, economic environments, leadership skills, communication skills, technical capability, and even the occasional lucky break. Managing change is a combination of business acumen, social instinct, and leadership abilities that can’t be reduced to silly, […]

Change Aversion, Iocane Powder, and Your GPS

The fact is that all of us demonstrate elements of being change ready and change averse. Equally true is the fact that we all live and work in environments where the pace of change is constantly accelerating. Help yourself be more adaptable by building up a tolerance for change.

The Path of At Least Some Resistance, Please

One of the familiar idioms in our language has to do with “finding the path of least resistance.” We use this phrase to describe the flow of currents – water, electricity, even people. It is sometimes applied to discussions about process and workflow design, and is occasionally even used to describe personality traits in people, […]

Your Hidden Skills

You have amazing skills and capabilities that you don’t even know about! These skills lie hidden in each of us, buried beneath layers of negative self-talk and false preconceptions about the nature of creativity. Why am I so certain? Because nobody else on earth has the specific combination of skills, experiences, and observations that you have, and nobody can replicate the combinations of those skills that only you can provide.

Re: Vital Eyes

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else.” — Charles Dickens Last week I traveled to Delaware to perform at the Dickens Parlour Theatre, a 50-seat venue in the small town of Millville. The theater is the brainchild of Rich Bloch, a brilliant man and performer who […]