Five Kinds of Amazing

When a magician’s or mentalist’s audience experiences something amazing, they are engaged and excited. They remember it forever and can’t wait to tell others about it. Harnessing that power in a marketing context begins with an analysis of the factors that make an experience “amazing.” In this presentation, we explore five different categories of amazing experiences in terms of magic and performing arts, then we see how those relate directly to five arenas where your organization must execute in order to be perceived as amazing by your audience. “Amazing” isn’t something you can be until it’s something you do; this presentation shows where the doing has to happen.

  • Understand the parallels between the theatrical experience and the customer experience.
  • Classify any experience as “amazing” using an easy five-point model.
  • Understand the “kicker” concept.
  • Identify where your customers’ experience can be enhanced.

Deliver “five kinds of amazing” to your audience to create robust, amazing experiences that attract, engage, and enthuse them about your product or message.