G4G Lyrics

Gathering 4 Gardner 14 took place in Atlanta from 6-10 April 2022. While performing on the Friday night show (8 April), I played the piano and sang a song with custom parody lyrics I had created for the G4G audience, “It’s Time for G4G.” The PDF I’ve linked below contains the piano lead sheet and the custom lyrics. (Alas, it does not include the exceedingly humorous interlude commentary.)

Tom Lehrer, eat your heart out!

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I also quite enjoyed performing on Saturday, and I hope to be part of future events. Thank you all for including me in your continuing celebrations of Martin Gardner.

Click on the icon below to view and download the PDF.

For those who just want the lyrics:

“It’s Time for G4G”
(“Hooray for Hollywood”)
Original words by Johnny Mercer, music by Richard A. Whiting
Copyright 1937 WB Music Corp.

It’s time for G4G
The “Marty Garty Party,” G4G
Where any PhD or Rubik’s cuber can call an Uber
And ride right down to the Ritz.
Where every Mommy does origami
And scientific junkies play with magic kits!
It’s time for G4G
Where everybody aced the SAT
And where that time you learned to find a square root
Will finally bear fruit
And raise your social degree!
For all us puzzle freaks and mathematics geeks
It’s time for G4G!

[spoken interlude]

It’s time for G4G
You polymaths and whizzes, G4G
We all agree that it is so inspiring when brains are firing
A ninety billion neuron salute.
We’ll wax prosaic, and algebraic
And maybe build a tower out of kiwi fruit!
Hooray for G4G
Our nerdy hootenonny, G4G
It’s hexaflexagonny!
Later on we can fret upon the declining public IQ —
Tonight, put off despair,
Come on, pull up a chair!
This G4G show’s for you!