Speed and Swagger: Ten-Minute Trainer Guest Spot

Several weeks ago, I recorded a guest appearance on “The Speed and Swagger Ten-Minute Trainer,” a weekly podcast produced by Speed Marriott and Derron Steenbergen (aka Swagger). Their focus is primarily on issues relating to media sales, but with general applicability for sales and marketing. (I met Speed when we both spoke at the Mississippi Association […]

Protecting Your Brand or Industry Image in the Media – Part 2

Protecting Your Brand or Industry Image in the Media, Part 2 More Lessons Learned Last time we discussed some important questions about being ready to join a media conversation when your brand or your industry is under attack or scrutiny. Sometimes that scrutiny is warranted, even if it’s unwelcome. Sometimes it is based on a […]

Recent Interviews and News Stories

Atlanta speaker, mentalist, and magician Joe M. Turner is the South’s most-recommended magical entertainer and speaker based on LinkedIn and Google results. This post contains links to several interviews and media appearances in recent weeks.