Sales: The Point Where the Salesman Lost Me

Sales: The Point Where the Salesman Lost Me (or “Stopping When the Sale Is Made”)   The Set-Up One of the most important things for a salesperson to learn is how to stop selling when the sale is made. Today I had an experience that reinforced that concept for me. I thought we all might […]

4 Must-Have Components of Effective Magic (and Branding!)

4 Must-Have Components of Effective Magic (and Branding!) It pains me to say it, but there’s a lot of ineffective magic out there. Magic that people don’t get, don’t like, don’t remember, and ultimately don’t want. Very often, performers may nip at the edges of amazing experiences. Sometimes, some audiences may be engaged for a […]

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 5: Hypersight and Vision

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 5: Hypersight The fifth of the Five Kinds of Amazing relates to another branch of mentalism effects which I’ll group under the umbrella term “hypersight.” This category is distinct from the prior one in that while it includes apparent psychic abilities, this specific type of inexplicable knowledge is not derived […]

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 4: Contact

Five Kinds of Amazing, Part 4: Contact We all want our audiences to perceive our brands as “amazing,” and the “Five Kinds of Amazing” model provides a way to organize our approaches for making amazing experiences happen. In reviewing the first three elements, the magic metaphors all relate to primarily visual experiences. – Talent/Expertise: relating […]

An Amazing Event for

Buy Latisse (Bimatoprost) online at the guaranteed lowest price Generic Latisse (also known as Bimatoprost) is an eye drop that is used for the purpose of growing longer and thicker eye lashes. It also helps in combating the issue of glaucoma that can lead to impairment of vision if it is not treated on […]

Reviews, Recommendations, and Referrals

It’s no secret that positive feedback from my previous clients is a key factor in the buying decisions of my new clients. Most of my clients are eager to give their recommendation, but gone are the days when a binder of recommendation letters was the best way to collect stories from happy customers. I love […]

Recent Interviews and News Stories

Atlanta speaker, mentalist, and magician Joe M. Turner is the South’s most-recommended magical entertainer and speaker based on LinkedIn and Google results. This post contains links to several interviews and media appearances in recent weeks.

The Value of a Backward Glance

Mining the value of the clients on last year’s calendar will never completely take the place of developing new business, but the profitability minded performer remembers that it takes less effort and fewer resources to do more work for an existing client than it does to create a new one. Cars have large windshields to make it easy to see the road ahead, but they also have mirrors for very good reasons. So here’s my warning: the value of that client in your mirror is greater than it appears!