A Leadership Lesson from a Lousy Alarm

In the past month I’ve spoken or performed in California three times. First in San Francisco, then in Sacramento, then in Los Angeles earlier this week. I had a performance in downtown LA on Monday night, but I had to be back in Atlanta early Tuesday afternoon in order to host/MC a big corporate event […]

The Research Stall

The Research Stall Let’s face it. Even the least change-averse person among us still has a resistance to change. Even the change champion feels hesitation. Sometimes we find ways to disguise our resistance and delay action even when we want to move forward. Consider the following. An Ongoing Magic Debate Last week I answered an […]

Cultivating Leaders for Leadership

Cultivating Leaders for Leadership   I’ve heard a lot of complaining about leadership qualities with regard to what is almost universally acknowledged as a disappointing selection of U.S. presidential candidates this cycle. Admittedly, I’ve contributed more than my share of complaints about leaders. Today, however, I saw a local leader in my community participate in […]

The Atlanta Braves, Cobb County, Leadership, and Unforced Errors

The Atlanta Braves, Cobb County, Leadership, and Unforced Errors Leadership is a risky business. Leadership is a risky business. Sometimes you march through a rain of opposition, only to come out stronger and more connected to those you lead and your former opponents for having led with honor and grace. And sometimes, just as you […]

What Anne Frank Taught Me About Patience

What Anne Frank Taught Me About Patience We all have those streaks where our patience is tested. Challenge, inconvenience, and delay attack us from all sides. Some of these things are part of daily life – traffic, auto repairs, broken air conditioners. Others are part of our personal interests – after years of fruitless wandering, […]

Dishwasher Courage

Dishwasher Courage: Charles Ramsey, Momentary Hero This week’s rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michele Knight after a decade of captivity in their abductor’s Cleveland home has made an internet celebrity out of Charles Ramsey, the McDonald’s-munching dishwasher whose colorful interviews captured the heart of America and added a bit of comic relief to […]

Focus: The Key to Effective Action

FOCUS: The Key to Effective Action

The Curse of the Capable You have overcome obstacles. You’ve hired outstanding people, trained them through their skill gaps, and equipped them with amazing tools. You’ve streamlined your organizational structure, your physical environment, and your business processes. You’ve established clear goals, reviewed them regularly, motivated and encouraged and team-built like all the books said. And […]

Nothing Is Routine: A Leadership Insight from Dr. Donald Zacharias

“Nothing is routine when dealing with the lives of other people.” Dr. Donald W. Zacharias (1935-2013) President Emeritus, Mississippi State University Dr. Donald Zacharias was the president of my alma mater, Mississippi State University, during my student years. He was a model of effective leadership, masterful communication, and committed relationship-building. He died early on March […]