The Magical Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

For the last five and a half years I’ve been a producer of Atlanta Magic Night, a monthly magic, mentalism, and comedy show with a rotating cast of local and national performers. I get to perform and MC the show sometimes, but I am also one of the “on call” people if a booked performer […]

The December “Plus 1” Challenge

The December “Plus 1” Challenge Every day from now until Christmas, post a genuine compliment to one large brand’s and one small brand’s Google+, Twitter, or Facebook page. I’m a small business owner and a lover of small business and entrepreneurship. But I am not a fan of envy-driven activism or divisive campaigning. I’m weary […]

Your Hidden Skills

You have amazing skills and capabilities that you don’t even know about! These skills lie hidden in each of us, buried beneath layers of negative self-talk and false preconceptions about the nature of creativity. Why am I so certain? Because nobody else on earth has the specific combination of skills, experiences, and observations that you have, and nobody can replicate the combinations of those skills that only you can provide.