Meeting and Event Planners

Thanks for your interest in planning a meeting or event with Joe! This section contains helpful resources that will help you as you consider how Joe’s range of speaking and entertainment skills can add the most value to your event.

Corporate Entertainment
This area describes Joe M. Turner’s after-dinner programs, customized illusions, and strolling hospitality magic for meetings, banquets, and other corporate events.

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Trade Show Presentations
In this area you can learn about Joe’s custom-scripted magic routines for trade show exhibitors. Joe integrates your message into the magic effects and presents them in an engaging way to attract more leads to your booth. This also includes magic for hospitality suites and product launches.

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Keynotes and Seminars
Joe is available for speaking engagements on topics including “5 Kinds of Amazing: Creating Amazing Brand Experiences,” “Memory Mojo! – Put Your Brain On Speed Dial!” and “The MAGIC of Change: Change Management Essentials for Emerging Leaders.” These programs are motivating, entertaining, and deliver practical content that can be applied to both personal and organizational situations. This material can also be presented in an extended, interactive seminar mode.

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Private Engagements
Joe M. Turner is also available for selected private engagements. From stand-up parlor shows to walkaround wonders to his formal close-up magic, Joe can help you add an elegant and unforgettable magic touch to your next special occasion.

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  • Amanda Brown
  • Anna Liotta
  • William Christopher
  • Mike Waller
  • Subhash Verghese
  • Arthur Blank
  • Brian Tracy
  • Laura Stack
  • Ed McMahon
  • "We recently brought Joe to be part of our Uber BPO Summit in San Francisco, where we hosted business partners and leaders from around the globe. Joe delivered everything we could have hoped for and more. Besides being a hit as the entertainer at our offsite dinner, he helped us creatively overcome some obstacles and challenges we faced at the venue. The next day, he was an amazing addition to our line-up of speakers, encouraging a room of our global partners with his ability to intertwine magic and insight. He later shared his model for creating amazing experiences with some more of our HQ team members. What I admire most about Joe is not just his ability to perform, or to communicate insights, or to deliver a quality experience to an audience; what I really admire is that he values excellence in himself and inspires it in others. Highly recommended."
    Lisa Stoner
    Global Head of Support Operations
  • "Joe, you were fabulous! What an amazing and classy performer! You are an artist among mere mortals. Consider yourself re-booked."
    Jerry Farber
    Atlanta Comedy Legend
    Jerry Farber's Side Door
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • "I knew that Joe could create magic... what I experienced made me feel like I was sitting at the MGM Grand instead of the City Club of Buckhead! I loved his magical illusions and would recommend him to businesses, companies, and clubs as a great person who can bring a group together for entertainment and fun."
    Amanda Brown
    Adventure Photographer
    Clothing Line Co-Founder
    Southern Style Man
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • "Joe, in front of the room, not only shares magic, but shows you how you have magic, too. His ability to integrate the audience into his program and have them leave feeling that they gained something they can take home is something every event planner and leader would like to have."
    Anna Liotta
    Speaker, Author
    President - National Speakers Association
    Resultance Inc.
    Seattle, Washington
  • I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great job you did at our 3rd Annual Leadership Conference last week… I was extremely impressed with your creativity in preparing for our meeting with only a few short phone conferences and then an impromptu rehearsal right before the event.
    William F. Christopher
    Group President
  • Highly entertaining… deeply educational. The Emerson group is still talking about Joe’s visit days after the actual session. I would highly recommend Joe M. Turner for both the deep business insight he delivers and for the sheer entertainment value of his performance.
    Mike Waller
    Vice President
    Emerson Human Capital Consulting
  • "I participated in a seminar that Joe conducted at a North Highland Company meeting. He kept the group thoroughly entertained while delivering his key messages, in tune with the overall theme of the conference. It was apparent that he had taken the time to understand the firm, and the audience. I highly recommend Joe as a professional speaker – someone who can motivate and educate his audience, while entertaining them – especially in conference type settings, where information overload is a risk. Well done Joe, and thank you."
    Subhash Verghese
    Senior Manager
    The North Highland Company
  • "That was unbelievable – very impressive!"
    Arthur Blank
    Owner, Atlanta Falcons Co-Founder & The Home Depot
  • Joe M. Turner is an extraordinary speaker, performer, and entertainer. His presentations are mesmerizing and memorable. Book him!
    Brian Tracy
    International Speaker and Author
    Brian Tracy International
  • "When I saw Joe on the platform at an event in Atlanta, I knew right away that he’d be perfect for our upcoming national Board of Directors meeting. He was a hit and wowed some of the biggest names in our industry! As a speaker, mentalist, and magician, Joe has a great combination of communication and entertainment skills, and he knows how to use his entire palette of expertise to create the right experience for any audience. Can’t wait to see him again!"
    Laura Stack, MBA, CSP
    Past President
    National Speakers Association
  • Johnny Carson loved magic. He would love this stuff! Joe, you are fantastic! How is he doing that? Great job! Everyone, come back in an hour — he’s going to set himself on fire!
    Ed McMahon
    Johnny Carson’s Long-Time
    “Tonight Show” Announcer

Thanks for your interest in planning a meeting or event with Joe! This section contains helpful resources that will help you as you consider how Joe’s range of speaking and entertainment skills can add the most value to your event.