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Atlanta speaker Joe M. Turner delivers high-impact motivational keynotes and breakout sessions on topics of brand engagement, memory improvement, change management, creativity, executive magic, and “doing the impossible” within your organization.

Joe’s extensive corporate training experience gives him an edge in adapting presentations to changing situations or needs. If you have a particular topic or theme that could use some extra emphasis, let Joe work with you to frame your message in magically entertaining terms that will enhance both receptivity and recall.

5 Kinds of Amazing


What makes a magical experience amazing? More importantly, how can a brand leverage those concepts so that their audiences are amazed?

Rethink the Impossible!


Joe M. Turner inspires and motivates your group to think creatively about challenges they face in their personal or professional lives.



Joe M. Turner lets your group in on powerful, centuries-old techniques that you can use to instantly improve your ability to remember the information you need.

The MAGIC of Change


Real-world change management experience (Accenture, Bank of America) is combined with unreal theatre to create Joe’s unique blend of entertainment and insight!